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We have been working with the best wines and beers since 1940.

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Crusat s.a. was established in 1940 by Josep Crusat Cabré in Hospitalet del Llobregat

Crusat s.a. was established in 1940 by Josep Crusat Cabré in Hospitalet del Llobregat. At that time, the Crusat family was selling bulk wine in the Baix Llobregat region. Over the years, Crusat has become one of the main distributors of imported beer, Spanish craft beer and one of the leading distributors of Estrella Galicia in Spain, with its distribution area being the city of Barcelona.
In the 1980s, we started to work with classic beers and have been introducing world leading brands that follow the latest trends to often represent them exclusively within the whole country.


Estrella Galicia distributors

After many years of experience, our current specialisation is focused on importing and distributing quality beers. Direct import allows us to have a good knowledge of the brand and the product, which we distribute directly to Barcelona through our sales team and our own delivery fleet, as well as distributors around Spain. In recent years, we have added local beers to our portfolio, thus meeting the needs of professionals and consumers who ask for local beer.

The result is a very broad and balanced catalogue that we offer together with additional services. Thus, we offer added value to our customers and provide them with tools that help them position a product that is special.