Beer has been produced at the Abbey of Scourmont de Chimay (Belgium) since 1862. The Trappist monks arrived in the Principality of Chimay in 1850 and obtained from the Principality some vacant land to set up their new abbey. Since then, the monks have made the Abbey grow by producing cheese and beer. Bières de Chimay S.A. is a member of the ITA (International Trappist Association), which regulates and monitors the quality of Trappist beers and other Trappist products, such as cheese, biscuits, wafers, natural hygiene products, honey, jams and preserves, wine and spirits. Only the abbeys of this religious order can produce Trappist beers, if they comply with the 3 main precepts. There are currently 14 Trappist abbeys in the world with a licence to produce beer under the name of Authentic Product Trappist.

The precepts are as follows:

  • Beer must be produced within the abbey or its immediate surroundings.
  • Monks supervise and control the beer production.
  • Profits must be used for the needs of the entire monastic community, solidarity with other Trappist abbeys, development projects and charities.

Only beers certified as Authentic Trappist Product bear this logo on their labels.


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