California is the birthplace of the Craft Beer movement in the United States, and Stone Brewing is one of the clearest examples of this movement. In 1996, a young band road manager named Greg Koch, together with a brewer friend, established Stone Brewing in San Diego (California), with very clear goals: to create surprising, unique and fun beers. In 1997, just one year after its inception and with a clear rise in terms of renown and sales, Arrogant Bastard was born, a beer that, on its own, would become a milestone in the craft beer movement, hence giving way to a new beer style known as American Strong Ale.

Its taunting, arrogant style and feisty touch has allowed it to maintain the quality of its products. Thus, it is currently one of the 10 most important breweries in the country’s independent beer scene. It is not for nothing that the beer rating website BeerAdvocate considers it “the best brewery in the world”.


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