The name Guineu (fox in English) comes from the fact that foxes are quite common in the Bages region. The fox, a mischievous, extroverted animal, is tantamount to the character of Cervezas Guineu, a free and playful attitude.

At the end of the 2010s, a group of friends from the Bages region in central Catalonia established Cerveseria Cal Arenys with the aim of not only producing beer, but also manufacturing beer production equipment. For years, they combined both activities, but currently focus their efforts on the production of beer from Valls de Torroella in an old textile colony from the early twentieth century, where they occupy a space of 750 m2 as one of the pioneering breweries in the Catalan craft beer scene.

Among their classic beers, they offer a bespoke range for all tastes, with many degrees of intensity and to match different moments.


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